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M.Sc thesis advised

·  Noori A., 2009, Adsorption of heavy metals by mine tailings (supervisor)

·  Nemati M., 2008, Water quality zonation and benthic macroinvertebrates diversity of Zayandehrud river (supervisor)

·  Porasghar M., 2008, Study of water quality index in Babolrud river (supervisor)

·  Eghbeal N., 2007, Environmental performance evaluation of casting factory of Irankhodro company according to ISO 14031 (supervisor)

·  Kadkhodaie M., 2006, The investigation of the impact of Zobahan factory wastewater on some of the soil properties cultivated under some tree species (supervisor)

·  Asadi F., 2003, Removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewater by rice hull, sawdust and a soil sample (supervisor)

·  Doagouyan F., 2003, Decreasing of nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic load from municipal wastewater using rice hull, sawdust and a soil sample (supervisor)


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