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Research projects

·  Determination of heavy metal concentration in some natural plant species around Irankouh lead and zinc mine in Isfahan

·  Use of rice hull for removal of heavy metal from industrial wastewater

·  Investigation on the use of saline wastewater of Zobahan factory for greenbelt irrigation

·  Determination of flouride concentrations in water, soil and some of crops in Isfahan-Iran

·  Investiogation of heavy metal pollution in water, soil and plants aroun Ahangaran lead and zinc mine in Malayer-Iran

·  Use of blast furnace slaf as sorbent in water and wastewater treatment

·  Use of compost, sewage sludge and urban wastewater in desertification control projects in ouest region of  Isfahan-Iran

·  Solid waste and environmental pollution management in the gas stations and distribution network of Isfahan city-Iran


تحت نظارت وف ایرانی